The Russian Legal and Judicial Systems as Instruments for Politically Motivated Human Rights Violations and Imitation of the Lawfulness of Repressions: project for European judges and lawyers

On behalf of the WOT Foundation (Warsaw, Poland) and the “Political Prisoners Support. Memorial” Project we are glad to invite you to two series of seminars for European judges and lawyers  within the framework  of “European Dialogue on Human Rights” Project.

These are two short courses of online events on the practice of applying national and international legislation by the judiciary of today’s Russia.

The courses will be conducted by well-known Russian human rights experts. We think that one course will be of particular interest to judges who consider disputes about the status of Russians, the possibility of their expulsion or extradition, and the second to lawyers representing the interests of Russians in such cases and in other government bodies.

We are confident that the courses will help both judges and lawyers better assess the nature of the threats that Russians face in their country. During the events, we will analyze the use of courts by the Russian regime as part of the political persecution of independent journalists, politicians and other dissenters.

We would appreciate your participation in one or all of these seminars. We hope that our events on the legal situation in Russia will help to meet the high European standards of human rights.

The working language of the events is English. In some cases, we hope to provide translation into another available language.

Registration form for judges:

Registration form for lawyers:

The form includes a thematic list of events and their tentative dates.

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